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Harvey's is a fast food restaurant chain that operates in Canada, with locations in every province. It serves hamburgers, poutine, hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, and other traditional Canadian fast-food fare. The chain is owned by Recipe Unlimited.

Lucy Smith mentioned, "We ate at Harvey's for mothers day. I was very disappointed with the menu options it was a choice of the normal menu or the mothers day menu both I thought were quite high prices. The setting is lovely but I had wished I'd looked into the menu a little more prior. When the food arrived it was ok but definitely not worth the price. I wouldn't be in a rush to return as I do think it's over priced. I did re book recently for my mums birthday however cancelled the table due to the £10 menu off being a lot more limited than I imagined and remembering the previous experience I didn't want to pay the prices so we booked a la turka instead."


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Former Employee - Student Worker says

"customers are very rude, management expects us to take customer abuse"

Shift Manager says

"Management was really bad. Exploited their workers. Didn't even pay properly."

Former Employee - Server/Waiter says

"Shift flipping, Low employee job satisfaction and moral, limited job security."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Management does such a poor job at enforcing rules -Lack of punishment for breaking rules because of being ridiculously short-staffed"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The work is very repetitive and you cannot deviate from accepted routines. Some times you are allowed to have "power" in the management position and other times you are in trouble for using it--you just don't which way it is on a particular day! Promotions as well as raises are few and far between."

Former Employee - Garnisher, Cashier, Drive-thru says

"Terrible conditions, unforgiving managers, unfair work delegated upon."

Assistant Manger (Former Employee) says

"To be completely honest they don’t pay you right they cut your hours down they make you work all jobs. And no matter how much you clean it’s not enough for them and when you don’t have anything to do they make u find somthing to do to keep u buzy"

Cashier/garnisher (Former Employee) says

"All fast food jobs are similar in some way, but Harvey's was by far my worst experience. They do not train people properly, they briefly explain something and expect you to know everything else and be good at it immediately. It's a very high stress environment that is made worse by poor management. If you bring an issue to the managers attention, you will get in trouble for it and the issue will never be resolved."

Harvey’s (Current Employee) says

"They gave me less hours then I asked for . I came out with 20$ each pay ... how can you live off of 20$ each pay because you can’t Harveys do something with your store"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Harvey's in Milton run by absolute inexperienced nd biased mgt team. Thy will never recognize ur effort. Each week schedule is full of surprises nd no steady shift hours. The more u stay the more u r underprivileged. All the right spot nd advances given to one person nd their close friend. 60 yr nd 70 yr old staff will occupy entire shift nd each one r managers nd thy r always right!! It s nt a suitable place for career oriented or motivated one..only suitable for house wifes nd school kids who wanted to spend some time in the name of working. Very pathetic!!!Surprisingly Minimum wageNo career"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Zero training. You’re expected to learn everything by yourself. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first shift they rush too much and makes you feel humiliated in Front of customers. Waiting times for customers are awfully long. Management is clueless and they have their favourite employees. They’ll hire you and promise you many hours but in reality they’ll send you home mid shift everyday; they don’t care. When they’ve collected more than enough people they’ll look for a dumb reason to fire you. Good luck working in circus.50% staff discountWorst management"

Garnisher (Current Employee) says

"Ive only worked here for 2 months and I want to quit. The management sucks. The management and the supervisors make you feel like your stupid all the time. You smell like grease all the time and they always change the hours on you when their against your availability. The food sucks Ive been having stomach problems because i eat there. Harveys is a good place to start out but not if you want a good jobManagement, Cleanliness"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"If you want to overwork yourself it's a great place to be. Here is an advice.. Don't say yes to everything it won't give you a better pay or position."

Food prepping, dishwasher and janitorial services (Former Employee) says

"When I first started working here, everyone seemed friendly and I got a lot of hours. I was doing my job as a garnisher. After the first month or so, they start loading a bunch of jobs that aren't listed in my job description on me such as, cleaning the whole restaurant (mopping, sweeping, wiping tables, cleaning the back, cleaning the windows, washing the dishes, prepping the food. This excessive work, overwhelmed me and I often came home with a very sore back and had no motivation to complete any other tasks. The manager would yell at you if you weren't constantly slaving away. They used to offer cups for free to the employees and discounts on food, then they took all of that away and the food quality is very dirty and should be inspected. Whilst doing all this, they also demanded that you do the cashier, drive through. Being around this environment was also very slippery even with slip-free shoes and oils going through the air would develop acne on people with acne-prone skin. I worked very hard and would have no complained if they didn't give me terrible hours until giving me none without any notice that I was no longer employed there. This was harder than renovating my 2000 square food home, and I was completely taking advantage of, due to my age. The employees were friendly and made the days bearable.There is noneWorst place I have ever worked at."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The management is extremely sexiest, and racist towards anyone other then themself, as quoted saying "if I cannot pronounce their name, I don't want them here."meaningless payEverything"

Harvey’s associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Harveys created an unhappy and unprofessional atmosphere, they would treat workers unfairly based on their own personal opinion other than the worker's abilities.50% discount in storeeverything else"

Frontline Teammate (Former Employee) says

"Tasks were consistently left incomplete, sacrificing sanitation and safety, and labour laws were rarely observed. Supervisors gossiped about team members in front of other employees and were quick to lay blame against one another without sufficient information. Supervisors contacted employees outside work for personal reasons to the point of harassment and became threateningly agitated when asked to stop. I strongly advise against applying hereFree sodapop, employee discountExtreme workplace abuse, harassment outside work"

Grill Cook (Former Employee) says

"1# Don't even work here it's a waste of time and if you plan on closing you have to work for free for a few hours which shouldn't be okay. 2# managers are not nice and don't seem to care about health of employees and often suggest you to do dangerous things. 3# you get discriminated 4# you get blamed for things that aren't your fault 5# when you get hurt you just have to deal with itN/aToo many to name"

Drive Thru Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful. If your not fast enough your not good enough. Staff is very nasty to each other. Lots of back stabbing. Not a good place to work unless you like drama. Managers play favortisims.none.no respect, nasty people. managers useless"

Assistant Manager/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Ehn. Fast-pace environment, work day goes by quickly. Nothing worth learning. Food Handling and other skills learned outside of work. Training modules are a bore. Management loves to cry about the work load, why are you working then? Racist and sexist remarks galore, ignorance and complacent attitudes. Hardest part of the job is the management/managers. Signing out and going home. Bye.Clocking out and going home.The pay cheque."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"free lunches and dinner i gained weight. had to clean the customers washroom , moping which i hated mostly. long hours standing no rest dish washing was thr worst part"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Harvey's Cottrelle / Airport branch in Brampton. This job is suitable for anyone who's up for the challenges of working in a fast food but most especially for young people and those who need a reality check, since this job will highly test and build up your character and patience. This job had taught me essential life lessons that I will bring with me until I get old. I have never worked in this kind of environment before and it is a humbling experience. I liked working here mainly for the customers and the sense of responsibility that it gave me. I quit this job for something more stable. Majority of the customers in this branch are anywhere from polite to alright and trust me, they are not the problem. It's the people working here. Many workers in this branch come off as ill-mannered and impatient, and I'm not sure if due to language and culture barrier, that they don't really mean to, or if they were just never raised to know what mutual respect is. I mean, they are nice to customers and all. It's just they have no time for that business with them meek and timid coworkers. I'm mainly referring to the shift managers. The shift managers are insecure as so if anyone wants to work here, learn how to deal with them because if you don't, they will single you out and mock you in their language. 90% of the workers here speak the same foreign language. They think they're so sleek with their shady selves. The old-timers, like the shift managers, are easily threatened by newer staff members who exude top qualities and credentials, so keep a low profileFlexible schedule, good starting point if you're seeking a career in the food industryThe demoralizing treatment that you receive when you're not performing well, no medical and dental, the hours"

Cook/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"makeshift with equipment subpar management and trash employees they suck bad vibes individuals must be self taught and it is not easy to get along"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"okay job for students. hardest part: people i work for. long days. people gossiping. i have learned better math skills and people skills. don't like going for a 3 hour shift when it takes me a 1/2 hour to get to work. people getting mad when you call in sick.able to pay my billsstressful environment"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"Harvey's wasn't a great experience from the beginning hours sucked not much was learned and it was very unorganized."

Grill master (Former Employee) says

"I have seen people spit in food, or pick off food from the floor.The managers are the owners daughters and they treat the whole staff bad. The organization was horribly run and in my opinion needed better management.free food sometimesbad oil ventilation"

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